Pocket sprint system

Pocket Spring System

The pocket spring system that comprises this mattress is crafted to contour and conform to one’s body shape and movement – providing excellent pressure and stress relief.

5 zones for mattress

5 Zones

This mattress is divided into 5 zones. Each zone contains 22cm springs of variable characteristics so that the mattress can provide better stress relief as it provides differential support for the: head and shoulders, upper body, spine, lower body and lower legs.

Anti-allergen exterior of mattress


The exterior of the mattress is lined by silk-smooth cashmere fibers that are anti-static and anti-dust mite – meaning it won’t attract allergy-causing insects.

Density Foam

High quality density foam in different proportions in the three mattress, depending on the firmness desired.

Compact size

Compact Size

The mattress is packed in a volume that is 5 times smaller than that of the mattress itself – making it easy to transport. Once unpacked, the mattress returns to 95% of its original volume within 5 minutes and to 100% within a single day.

5 year warranty

5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty for the springs only. Other wear and tear are not covered. All products are dispatched swiftly once ordered. Rural and non-listed areas can contact us for a shipment quote.

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